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We are a virtual organization of professionals who are full-time partners in our practices. Our competence is based on years of industry experience in General Management, Marketing, Business Development, Operations, Finance, Public Policy and Venture Capital. Many of our professionals have had recent multi-disciplinary responsibility in most of these competencies.

Michael Sears is a Principal of the Reticle Group. He has worked with corporations, international standards committees, trade organizations, educational institutions and government bodies. Michael has served on the Board of Directors of several technology corporations and charitable organizations. He spent four years as general manager in two public technology companies, has served as a corporate officer at Spyglass, Inc., and he was with Sun Microsystems for more than 6 years with progressive responsibilities leading to an executive position.

Directly after graduate school, Michael served as a Venture Capitalist with a prestigious Sand Hill firm. Michael has been involved with technology businesses since the early 1980’s, beginning his career as an engineer in aerospace. He graduated from the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, and he holds both a Juris Doctorate and an MBA from Stanford University.



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